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Bill Track

The Bill Track module offers you an accurate and detailed approach to managing your accounts. BillTrack helps you to simplify your billing process by producing invoices and credits that are easy to print and email.

Ditch Rider Accounting

With the Ditch Rider Accounting module, you can track water orders and have a complete history of your district's water distribution. Ditch Rider allows your manager to see the entire district’s status at anytime from anywhere.


The RideKick Module is a cloud-based iOS application for iPads that links your Ditch Riders in the field to your home office. This has two major benefits. First, the office can send water orders to ditch riders in the field. Second, ditch riders can input orders they receive while in the field, so everyone is in the loop.

Water Rights & Certificates

The Water Rights and Certificates module provides you with the information that you need in order to manage your water in the most effective way possible. Track 100% of your assigned certificates to ensure you can account for all your water usage across the district.

District Groups & Orgs

District Groups and Orgs simplifies your billing process by allowing you to organize and adjust your patrons by group. This makes it easy to bill each group at a separate rate without keeping a separate database. District Groups makes it simple to export gathered information into Excel files for external use.


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About WaterMaster

We designed WaterMaster as a way to bring irrigation districts into the modern technological world. Over the past three years, we've been developing our specialized program to meet your accounting and tracking needs.

WaterMaster has a myriad of features including:

  • Easy to use
  • Automated water ordering
  • Reports for Invoicing and Payments
  • Hyperlinks to core data from many locations
  • Archive and retrieve all transactions and records
  • Track all accounting and water management in detail
  • Water usage is automatically calculated by gate, time and flow

  • iOS app allows Ditch Riders to input and complete in real time
  • Track water usage and available balances per account
  • Certificate tracking with water rights dating
  • Future capability with latest in technology
  • Multiple simultaneous users

In no time at all, you will be a master of WaterMaster's powerful tools. These tools empower your staff to deliver the high-quality customer service your clients require.

You’ll never again have to look for a water management program because WaterMaster is built to grow with the irrigation industry. We take the feedback and suggestions of our customers seriously, and use them to help guide our future development.

Because we host WaterMaster on a secure web server, it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Being web hosted allows us to improve WaterMaster without the need for updates to computer software.

Set the benchmark and be the district others strive to emulate.

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Check out our article in Irrigation Leader Magazine by Water Strategies:

Our Values

We reject the passive development ideal of "good enough" software. We strive for the expectation of a greater reward by affecting the lives of our customers in a positive way. Accepting responsibility for accuracy, our intent is to lead courageously in the management and conservation of this precious resource. That is why we are the WaterMaster.

WaterMaster has the backing and support of Advanced Control Systems. ACS is an engineering, consulting, software integration, and technology support services firm. They have provided custom, complete and easy to use industrial and business process automation solutions to over 150 clients for over 20 years. WaterMaster pulls from this long lineage of professionals that will meet the needs of all our customers well into the future.

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John Nichols

John Nichols

John joined ACS and the WaterMaster team as Product Manager in September 2016. He’s a software industry veteran with 30-plus years bringing successful manufacturing and process automation solutions to market. Previous assignments include executive roles at leading SCADA software developers and advanced systems integrators. John is former president and secretary of the Southern Idaho section of the International Society of Automation (ISA), a member of the Idaho Technology Council, and sits on the Technical Advisory Committee of the College of Western Idaho.

He’s excited to bring his experience to helping the irrigation society accomplish its mission to “do more with less.” He takes great pride in his role to help conserve this most precious resource.

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